Men your dream toy is finally here, the R-1 A10 Cyclone is a true masterpiece or should that be masturbator!

With the use of the R-1 Controller (sold separately) your masturbation experience will be different every time due to the 50 modes with 7 different speeds and 7 different patterns plus a extra special one.

Simply lubricate the opening and slide on in, along the shaft there are soft nodules to simulate and by gently sliding the cyclone up and down you will feel the stroking sensation. For the full benefit though turn on the controller and select the mode that appeals to you the most, twisting, full rotation, pulsating, vibrating.

The R-1 A10 Cyclone fit’s all sizes as there are spacers that can be brought separately but there is one included in the packaging for an extra 1/2 inch if needed. 

After use you just need to unscrew the casing and the inner chamber can be removed for cleaning.

You will need the R-1 Controller sold separately. See item A00155